Creating New Model of Universe

The purpose of website is to creating a new model of the Universe. The world in which we are living is in a very worst condition if we want something new then we need to understand the way of new thinking and technic to develop new world within not outside.

I don't know who will understand me but this is my own experiencing that man can change in a very tremendous way if few people were able to understand in which side they need to walk. The very big fault in human life is they gone in the wrong side of the existence just opposite side of the right path. This is the main reason for misery in his life from millions of years he is in a trouble but how it will be correct this is the main thing we need to understand.

The reader who is reading this text is a seeker and able to work with us without knowing how it is possible. It is very impossible to know this with our present mind set up we need to work upon ourselves only then we can find the way to change the life and becomes a part of better life in the "New Model of  Universe" so please stay with us for more updates from us to understand more about this subject. Thanks for reading and giving time to change the world.