Why Network Marketing

Every group of people, a few will retire young, rich and worry free & few more will work hard & long but finally retire in comfort. Most will slog through 45 years of life in the rat race only to eke out their golden years on a meagre pension.
What separates these groups?
And what are the secrets possessed by those in the first one? How do they get so wealthy, so fast? And what can someone do to ensure that they end up in this group? it's an intriguing question...

One I feel eminently qualified to answer. For not only do you belong to this first group. but we have also helped thousands more to join it.

Make no mistake.......
We have not referring to captains of industry the market traders, or the real estate tycoons for while these people have amassed great monetary wealth they don't retire early and the certainly do not appear to be be worry free In fact it's quite the opposite. They were winning the rat race but they are living like a rat.

The group we referring to is a new breed of entrepreneur the individual who has built walk away residual income. what we call drink out of a coconut money. These people have built a multi level money machine. One that showers them with rewards. whether they remain working. of choose to spend their days on a tropical beach with their toes in the send sipping from that coconut.

The parallels of how these people reached this success are intriguing indeed...

You might think they attained their status through higher education, but this is not necessarily the case. Many members of this group are high school dropouts. while we know that there are many people with multiple diplomas out looking for work.

And while the people in my group worked hard to attain their considerable prosperity, that alone wat not the deciding factor In fact, although I'm slightly embarrassed to admit this most people work harder than we do.

The mechanic who tunes up my cars the man who landscapes my lawn my massage therapist and my usual waitress at my favourite restaurant, all work much harder than we had to yet none of them are wealthy doing what they do In fact they work a lot harder for a lot less. Not one of them shows even a remote chance of retiring early.

These peoples and millions of like them, are prisoners in a dysfunctional economic system. They are hostages in the time for money trap. To receive more money they must work harder and longer most are struck in salaried positions or jobs restricting overtime so one job doesn't even give them much more money.