Introduction to MLM


It is experienced that the "opportunity of a lifetime" comes around several times a year Yet, most people will go through their entire life and never grasp such an opportunity. The reasons for this are many, but mostly very interrelated low self-esteem, lack of consciousness, fear of failure, fear of success, and a disbelief that great, wonderful things can really happen for them.

Like most people, we passed up the lifetime opportunities that came in the way. Except one. Network Marketing. At first look, something resonated with us. Some of those people who saw those multiplying circles drawn out and became mesmerized with the possibilities.

Our rational side saw the impeccable logic of exponential growth. Our emotional side saw the power of a dream, and the vision of empowerment. We had some dreams, the drive to accomplish it, and Network Marketing was the perfect vehicle to manifest it Prosperity was only days away.

We just didn't know how many days. Five years later, I had done nothing, but lose money and switch companies many times. I finally came to the realization that success was possible in Network Marketing but not without some kind of a system. I began a study of what worked and what didn't Learned what the long-term successful people did and why. Discovered the secrets of effective presentations, and what motivated prospects to join And began the rudimentary forerunner of what became the system I teach today. It was only then that I began to achieve any degree of success. But it wasn't lasting. While I was able to conduct meetings, make presentations, and sponsor a large number of people. most of my distributors could not. The more people I sponsored, the faster they seemed to drop out What I did worked, but it didn't duplicate. I came to realize that success without duplication is merely future failure in disguise I went back to my system and fine-tuned it, simplified and made it easier to replicate. It not only worked, but it duplicated as well. It is that system (with continuous refinement) that has helped many thousands of people, all over the world, reach higher levels of success in Network Marketing It is that system which I now share with you through this website

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