World War can be Stoped?


Dear friends,

The war is not a good thing but in the whole world from millions of years man fight with each others. Always struggling with humans Each Other they don't understand why we are fighting with each other. In the whole world all countries fighting together it is not an accidental but this is a very large event and its manifestation is not come in only one day it's a regular process.

Do you know why world exist?

World war exist because of fear of death no one want to die a man who don't know about himself his always in fearing of death. The person who knows himself don't come into fear of death.

So you are first priority is to know yourself if you know yourself then all fear of death disappear from your life if more people involving to know themselves then no other people wants to involve in war because of fear of death.

This is a one reason of World War there is very many reasons of World War but suggest you to know yourself and tell others to know themselves to avoid world war. 

The other reason of world war is population world population is increasing very highly and the resources comes to N and so if world war stop than we need to stop our population.

If we look deep into world war region then we need to find it in ourselves in the whole world if we leave a life of conflict than this is the main reason of World War with think that others will be region of the world war but this is a wrong concept everything in the world what is happening be equally each of one or involve in everytivity that's why the world war reason is in our deep roots.

Some external influences in the environment and in the world is also reason to world war.

Can we stop world war?

Yes we can stop world war but it's first thing is to stop world war is to understand what is the basic reason of World War?

Any problem can be solved but if we know the reason of that problem only than we can solve the problem like world war.

We lived in the world of many types of energy and we need to understand in the world war which energy works if you find that solution will come automatically.

No one can stop world war directly you can only stop world war by indirectly to understand the law of world war which energy is influencing the world and get involve into the world war to take responsibility we need to ask ourselves what is the basic reason of World War find it work with it and stay with it.

Thanks for reading this article