The four kinds of Networkers

Network Marketing

Has produced some of the most amazing success stories in around the all world. Virtually every company has its own stories of everyday life the people who went from modest or even poor beginning to earning more money monthly than most people bring down in year. Those stories range from a farmer’s wife in US, to an almost bankrupt minister in Texas US, to a young man in Taiwan who rode his bicycle to opportunities and meetings. These people and thousands more are earning attractive incomes, they have their own unique stories to tell. Yet, about across the industry and in around the globe — you will find striking similarities in the successful people available in all companies. These common traits are the prerequisites for long-term success in the business of Network Marketing. Network Marketing is perfect for everyone in the world. Everyone, however, is not perfect for Network Marketing for some reasons.

Your Like and Dislikes

So, while I would certainly like to urge anyone who desires a better lifestyle to consider Network Marketing as career choice, before you commit to the course, it would be wise to study the following prerequisites and see how you can stack up. If you don’t possess these attributes, then you can ask yourself if you are willing to develop them. Fortunately, there’s nothing you need to do in the networking success that you can’t learn if you want it enough in your life.

Four types of net-workers . . . 

wholesale consumers

Your organization will contain four types of groups. The first of all these is wholesale consumers. By technically, they really should not a distributors, they don’t retail product or sponsor others. But many people initially sign up as a distributor, and then decide they don’t want to do the work in the business. They always remain distributors, because they like the savings of buying wholesale products. Others circumvent the system and simply join the program to get the products on wholesale price. They really have no need or desire for the business aspects of the program in Network Marketing. This group might make up anywhere from 6 to 11 percent of your distributors.

Active consumers

The next group is of the active consumers. Same like the first group, they have more of a product focused. Unlike the first group, they understanding well the benefits of referral marketing. Chances are good and they’re telling their friends & families about the products with the hope of making enough benefits to cover the cost of their own products. It’s likely that this type of group will make up about 31 to 41 percent of your network marketing team.

weekend warriors

The third and largest group what I like to call them weekend warriors. They’re building business part-time, usually in the evenings and usually in weekends. While they have entertaining visions of  six-figures income, more likely they are happy to earn an extra $501 to $5,001 a month. They will involved in the sponsoring process, but not in a massive quantity. They use the products themselves and usually share them to their friends, neighbors and as well as relatives. This part-time force may be account for 36 to 45 percent of your network business.

power players

The fourth and smallest group is of entrepreneurs, or you can call power players. Usually accounting for less than six percent of the distributors force, they are the people who bring the five- to six-figures monthly income. They attain these income levels not by selling only large quantities of the products personally, but by the building huge organizations with thousands of the distributors.


All four groups are necessary to stable and secure company. The power players bring in the massive; the weekend warriors may move the most products; and the consumers feed by both groups. You can fit into Network Marketing on whatever level you are desiring. I’m assuming that because you’re reading this this article, you want to be one of those who are building a big business. If so, here you are.....