6 Basic Steps

These basic steps are the foundation of any successful business in Network Marketing. In all over the world in network marketing these rules must be followed by all. This very important to understand these steps. If any associate follow the step wise instruction then he/she become successful easily.
  1. Use & Promote the products is very necessary thing in the network marketing. All the associates must be user of the products.
  2. List Making is next step to build team. List is the raw material to produced more links and distributors in this field.
  3. Contact & invite the peoples in your list for showing them the opportunity you have for them. You can invite your list in to meetings to see the whole system of network marketing.
  4. Show the demo of products & plan to them. It would be very good if you show the demo & plan by self.
  5. Reading books create a good impact on your mind. Positive thinking is most important to achieve the goal. Go to the meetings & seminar's get training by your sponsorship line.
  6. Startup & follow up with your joined associates. Help your team to build the system for them.