9 Core Steps

If any networker wants to become successful in network marketing he needs to follow these 9 core steps. Network marketing is a business of 21st century & for leaders. There is no alternate of leadership. If you want to be successful you must be a leadership quality. These 9 steps are principal based system. If you know the technic and law behind any work you will achieve your goal easily.

Volume Creation

  • When you start business you need to create business volume from your team. Your team and new joined persons are involved in the purchasing after initial registration. If our team wants to win the goal of financial freedom & financial security all its participants must be used and promote the products at regular basis. Without using products no one can create business volume. So you will have to use all products available in the company.
  • You will also need to share the products to your friends, neighbors and all known persons. This will help people to understand the quality of products as well as the business. Buy some products and sell them on MRP. to get retail profit. It will help you to expand your business.
  • The presentation is most important part in the business to build large group of associates. Show the available demo in your business to show the quality of the products. You must have all tools like demo kit, products catalog, business plan book & follow up kit. Please ask your upline to teach you all the basic technics of your start up.

Mind Mechanism 

  • What you think you can so think positive always. You can read good recommended books to build you mind. Books are very useful to find better words in you dictionary of life. The power of speaking words only build by good thoughts. Every successful person is a good reader also. So ask your upline to guide you about books to read.
  • In the modern age the new technics are available as a audio and video. Many useful things and thoughts are available on the internet but everything is not recommended. You must have connect with our YOUTUBE channel for more education through videos. You can ask from your mentor and upline what to watch and listen because very bad things also be there on media channels.
  • Meetings and seminar are very important to develop better understanding about the system. Connect with our education system WIN WIN EDUCATION our meetings available in your areas if not available then contact with us to help. We work on meetings to help you to gain knowledge about the network marketing. Big events will also help you to become more confident in this field.

Character Building

  • Good character is the basic foundation in this system. This business is a family business we need to understand the basic rules of good characteristics of the character. Take care of all your associates not to telling lie. Always respect your upline, downline & all family members of them. It will make big effects on building larger business group.
  • You must have to fulfill all your promises with your team. Never tell a lie to your team and sponsors. The true respect of your upline is never misuse your uplines time.
  • Counsel upline regularly is a good habits in the business.