Mysteries of human mind 2




Breath is the first window

Through which you can perceive the soul. It is by passing through this window that the journey towards the self begins. It is a journey within. It is a journey towards self-perception. Normally we are accustomed to looking outwards only. It is the nature of the mind to run towards the external world only. Breath is the first door you have to enter into before the journey within begins. When the mind begins to follow the in-going breath, we begin to enter into our being. Breath is the soul. The body is the soul. The mind is the soul. We can reach the fag end of our journey through them only. It is a delusion to desire to see the soul directly. The soul which is the supreme reality, the supreme existence and the subtlest entity cannot be an object of perception by the gross sense-organs. To say so will be a great mistake. To say that we should try to see the soul through the soul means, firstly, that we should first engage the mind in perceiving the vibrations of breath. Secondly, it means engaging the mind in perceiving the vibrations of the and sensations. Thirdly, it means watching one's own thought processes. Once you have gone through these three stages, you will encounter the aura around the body and get a chance to perceive it.
Mysteries of mind

 The somatic and extra-somatic atmospheres in the midst of which we live are full of vibrations. Those who have happened to see the aura feel that in doing so they were floating in an ocean of vibrations whose expanse they are unable to imagine. Having seen the sura we will be able to come in contact with the vital force. It is the vital energy which is the source of all the internal and external vibrations.

Breath is not the soul

The body is not the soul. The mind and the aura are not the soul. It is the vital energy which soaks breath, mind and body in the soul so much so that they become the soul. The body which comes in contact with the life-force and becomes permeated with it becomes alive and a part and parcel of the soul. When the vital force comes to establish a relationship with the mind, the mind becomes activated. The vital force when it comes to be associated with breath, activates the latter. Breath begins to vibrate because of this association. It is the vital energy which makes the heart throb, the breath vibrate, the mental processes begin and the spectrum of aura radiate. The ever-flowing stream of consciousness is the source of the vital energy. Vital energy inducts life in the entire structure of the body and transforms everything which is non-soul into consciousness.

To understand breath is the first stage

In the process of sadhana which culminates in the perception of the soul. To understand the body is the second stage. To understand the thought-processes is the third stage. To understand the aura is the fourth stage. To understand the vital force is the fifth stage. Self-realization is the end of these stages.

When I speak of seeing the soul through the soul, I mean proceeding from the gross to the subtle. Nobody who has not understood the gross can comprehend the subtle. Every stage of our pilgrimage is a stage which leads us to the comprehension of the subtle. Ordinarily we keep ourselves confined within the four walls of sensations, but once the mind has been properly trained, we begin to sense the subtle also. An untrained mind can only feel the gross sensations. As soon as it has become refined and subtle, the stream of consciousness begins to reveal itself.

The beating of the heart 

And the circulation of blood and air in the body keep it working like a huge factory. And we remain unconscious of what is happening in the body. The reason for this is that we are incapable of seizing the sensations. It is only when we watch very carefully that we are able to see how much the body is seething and throbbing with activity. It is only when we perceive the body that we come to know that the pulse and the heart are beating and that the blood is circulating in it. Our minds have become so gross that we are unable to comprehend subtle things. We can comprehend subtle entities through the subtle mind only. Sadhana consists in refining the mind and making it subtle. The more the mind becomes refined and subtle, the nearer shall we arrive to our subtle being or Existence. Grosser sensations will then disappear and we shall be in a position to comprehend more subtle or finer sensations.

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